The Parts That Followed

Act first. Think never. Remember nothing.

If only things were still that easy for Kelly Rockport. Enveloped in  guilt after surviving the crash that claimed the life of her best friend  Meredith, Kelly returns to Haysville University refusing to forget. In  her mind, letting go of the accident would be like killing Meredith all  over again. With therapy proving futile and sex leaving her emptier than  ever, Kelly's attempts at rebuilding her life continue to fail. But  just as she begins to accept hopelessness as her destiny, Kelly catches a  glimpse of happiness—or something close enough to it. The only question  is if she can hold herself together and rebuild a new normal. Or, in  true Kelly fashion, will she crumble under the pressure and prove that  happily-ever-afters don't exist for people like her? These are the parts  that followed. 

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